Gambling Myths

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One thing that we are sure that you have heard about it is the myriad of online gambling myths. If we add to this to the fact that many players do not have a deep understanding of how the various casino games work and the principles on which they are based, the number of misunderstandings can be immense.

In this sense, many of these players think that land-based casinos and new online casinos are misleading their customers, that better results can be obtained in slots or roulette with a suitable strategy or that many existing casino games are manipulated. With the preparation of this article, we have wanted to review some of the myths about the most common casinos, also trying to confirm or deny what is said about them.

Casinos cheat

Thinking that casinos cheat is an extremely popular idea among novice players. In fact, it is one of the most widespread myths about casinos. But it is totally wrong in the vast majority of cases. The only certainty that exists is that casino game operators already have higher odds in their favour or, in other words, they have the house edge.

Simply put, the house edge is a regulated legal strategy that allows the best UK online casinos to get a small percentage of each bet to cover operating expenses and make their investment profitable. Therefore, these both land-based and online casino owners have no reason to scam their players. In this case, we always refer to casino and pages that have been regulated by competent administrations or entities. It is true that there may be gambling halls and casino pages that try to scam their visitors, but these are those that do not have an official license to operate. In any case, it would not be difficult to discern these fraudulent casinos from those that comply with the law. As for physical casinos, it is quite simple, since they usually show a very suspicious degree of secrecy.

In relation to fraudulent casino pages, it is not difficult to detect them either. Unlike reputable and legal software providers such as Microgaming or NetEnt, there are other sites that do not have the seal or approval of regulators.

Only luck matters

Although casino games are games of chance and are based on luck, the role of the skills of the players is also important in certain games. There are games like video poker, baccarat or blackjack, for example, that require proper planning, design strategies, and a lot of calculation. Even so, chance plays a crucial role in the resolution of each game.

Only skill matters

As in the previous myth, this is not entirely true. Except for a few games that we have named above, a player’s skills are of little consequence in casino games. In slot machines, roulette, keno or bingo, for example, luck plays a decisive role, since none of the player’s abilities influences the final resolution.

Trends can predict the next outcome

This myth is also known as the gambler’s fallacy. In short, is based on predicting future events taking into account that past events have an influence on them. In this sense, four aspects are taken into account when we talk about the gambler’s fallacy:

A random event is more likely to occur because it has not occurred for a certain period.

Random actions are less likely to happen because it has occurred over a certain period.

A random event is more likely to occur if it did not happen recently.

In this case, both ideas are wrong, since the result will again be totally random, regardless of what the previous result was. In fact, future events in gambling are not based on past results, but all outcomes are again equally likely to appear again, even when the gambling myths say otherwise.