High Roller Bonus

The High Roller bonus is a special promotion offered by top online casinos UK. If you like to take advantage of the bonuses, do not hesitate to use them. These give you the option of being able to get a good amount of thousands of euros. It should be remembered that to enjoy these bonuses we must make a large deposit, hence the origin of the phrase “High Rollers are for great players”.


50 Freespins on 1st. deposit


50£ Bonus + 50 Extra spins


100% Bonus up to 100£


100% Bonus up to 100£


100% Bonus up to 300£

The amount you have to bet to be considered a high roller varies from casino to casino. For this reason, if you suspect that you may become one, we recommend that you inform yourself well about the different advantages that casinos usually offer to this type of player. A clear example is the bonuses and promotions called “High Roller Bonuses”. If we do not make such high bets, we can also access these bonuses, with the difference that the amount received is much lower.

How High Roller Bonuses work

To understand a little more about how high roller bonuses work, we are going to mention the bonuses most commonly offered by online casinos. These can be the welcome bonus, a referral bonus, a reload bonus or any other no deposit casino bonus. In general, high roller bonuses use percentages that do not usually exceed 50% of amounts up to a thousand pounds, within the general rule. While most of the bonuses mentioned above as common or usual, they usually offer 100% of up to a deposit of £100. We do not have to be fooled by the percentages and we must calculate the total figures. In the case of offering 50% up to a thousand pounds, the casino will be leaving the player a total amount of a thousand pounds, in the event that they have deposited two thousand pounds.

Although as we observed, the status of the high roller is not for all audiences. We must bear in mind that each casino has its particular terms and conditions that we must read carefully before signing. It should be considered that sometimes the smallest bonuses are the ones that can lead us to the largest rewards and not the other way around. However, if you are one of those who take gambling very seriously and think you could be eligible, be sure to inform yourself and read all the information available to make the most of the situation and so that your savings are not in danger.

High roller bonus terms and conditions

When you decide to play with a High Roller bonus you also have to comply with certain specific terms and conditions. These can be things like making a certain amount of mandatory bets, whose number will surely be greater than if we decide to activate another type of bonus like the loyalty bonus (which you can read more about at boss-casinos.com). This makes it clear to us that the more money we receive for the bonus; the more bets we have to make. Although, if we look on the positive side this means that in the case of winning, the amount we receive will be much higher. Thanks to this dynamic it is normal to have the opportunity to earn much more money.

Advantages of high roller bonuses

Being considered a High roller player has its advantages

VIP treatment

Having High Roller bonuses with the possibility of having a personal assistant to help you at all times to manage the user account. Streamline all kinds of procedures and position you in a situation of immediate attention. Give priority to any type of participation in games, or other needs related to it. The player does not have to worry about anything as his personal assistant takes care of all his possible problems with the highest priority.

Exclusive tournaments

Being able to access the best tournaments only available for VIP players, with limits and Hi bonuses.

Exclusive invitations

Most casinos try to keep their best customers happy by offering high roller bonuses with exclusive privileges such as access and exclusive invitations to sporting events, parties, Premium dinners, vacations in exotic places, chances to play new casino games before than everyone else, etc.

Preferred Payment Methods

High Roller Bonus Players will see their withdrawal requests processed faster and their betting limits widened with just one click.

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50£ Bonus + 50 Extra spins

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