Incredible casino world records

Casino roulette

The world of gambling and top UK online casinos is full of fun and wonders, and of course there are some among them that have been capable of breaking records. Here is a list of Guinness World Records that have been broken by and inside a casino that will surprise you.

More casinos visited in 24 hours

Americans Jack and Jeremy Freeman, father and son, visited 69 casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 24 hours between August 27 and 28, 2007. Then, between October 22 and 23, 2015, the record was matched by Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer. But no, it was not just about going in and out of the establishments, as these people played a game of Blackjack in each place they visited and kept a $ 5 chip from each of them.

The biggest prize in a Baccarat tournament

It was won by a player named Lin Hasai at the Sans Cotai Central Sheraton Ballroom in a tournament that took place on March 3, 2015. The prize? More than 12 million 890 thousand dollars.

The largest roulette in the world

It was located on the roof of the Casino Du Libran which is in Lebanon on December 16, 2017. It has an area of 8.75 square meters and no, it is not a fixed sculpture, but it is controlled electronically at a distance so that it can move.

The oldest dealer

If she is still working, we don’t know, but on February 20, 2015, Joanna Dodd was named the oldest dealer in the world for continuing to practice at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas at almost 80 years of age (exactly 79 years, 36 days).

The longest time playing Blackjack

From August 24 to 27, 2001, Stephen De Raffaele, a Maltese businessman, spent 51 hours and 33 minutes playing Blackjack at the Oracle Casino in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta. Although it was not completely running, as he stopped every 8 hours to have a 15-minute break, but his achievement went into the record books.

The most slot machines playing at the same time

One day in April 2013, a large crowd formed from 6am outside the Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut, United States, (which is home to three casinos: Casino of the Earth, Casino of the Sky and the Casino of the Wind) to participate in the contest in which later more than 1600 slots with the same game were “activated” simultaneously and, as a consequence, more than 200 prizes were obtained.

Largest prize awarded by an online machine

Thanks to a jackpot that had accumulated a lot of money, and to the luck of the winning user from the United Kingdom named Jon Heywood, he was awarded more than 20 million dollars in the slot called Mega Moolah by Microgaming, developer of some of the best online casino games.

Card memorization

Canadian Dave Farrow holds the Guinness World Record for card memorization. In 1996 he managed to memorize 52 decks of cards. He saw them only once, mixed them up, and finally managed to remember them correctly. They were more than 2,704 letters. In 2002, Dominic O’Brien broke the record by memorizing 54 decks of cards. Finally, in 2007 Farrow broke the record again. He memorized a random sequence of 59 decks, or 3,068 cards. On that occasion, he only had one mistake that he could correct without outside help. It was the most important feat in human memory to date, both for precision and quantity.