Top online casino games

Luckily for the fans, the supply of top online casino games continues to grow. All you have to do is access the top UK online casino to see that they have an extensive catalogue of slots, roulette tables or blackjack, each game with its own characteristics and casino rules. What is the best online casino game? It is difficult to answer this question since it all depends on the preferences of each player.


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As you well know, each game has different variants. There are different types of roulette or blackjack, which also have several derivative games; not to mention the many slot options out there. We never tire of repeating the importance of knowing well each game and its rules, what the mechanism is, the pay lines and their relationship, etc. The fact that winning is relatively easy or that the gameplay is simple are the two factors that help popularize the game.

Top online casino games – French roulette

If French roulette occupies number 1 in our ranking it is, first of all, because roulette is one of the top live casino games; and secondly, because the French roulette is the original version of the game. It has derived in other modalities such as European or American, but both are versions of French roulette, this wheel with 37 numbers divided equally between black and red … except for 0, which is green.

Part of its success lies in a very simple game mechanic: we bet where the ball lands, and if we hit it, we collect the prize. We can bet on the number, but to multiply the options to be victorious we have a lot of French roulette bets available: even / odd, red/black, pass/miss, dozens, columns, squares, streets … And we always have the possibility of making multiple bets covering a series of numbers. Of course, the more covered you have the table, the lower the winnings, so you have to find the balance.

Surely the only difficulty in French roulette is getting familiar with some multiple bets and their payouts, although the table is quite specific. You should also know the rules Le Partage and En Prison. When the ball lands on 0, the colour or odd/even bets are unsolvable, so Le Partage is applied and the player recovers 50% of the money bet, although in many online casinos En Prison is applied, retaining on the table some chips that can only be recovered in the next play.

This is a classic casino game found in many operators (check them at and it’s ideal to start in the world of roulette since it is the most favourable for the player’s interests, and the mechanics are very simple

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • A very easy game to understand
  • The most favourable roulette for the player
  • Cons
  • You have to know the rules Le Partage and En Prison

Top online casino games – European blackjack

Although American blackjack is the most successful, European blackjack is the original game. Of course, it is less popular and we do not find it in all the new casinos online. Moreover, in some casinos, it does not appear and if it does it is easy that we will not find the European blackjack surrender. Of course, they are always multi-hand, so that the same player can challenge the dealer with up to five hands, which will have to be planted when he adds between 17 and 21 points.

It should be noted that in European blackjack, when the croupier’s visible card is an Ace, insurance bets are applied, where half of the player’s initial bet is paralyzed until the croupier uncovers his second card. As in American blackjack, we can split bets – albeit only once – and we can be guided by the basic blackjack strategy to decide whether to hit or not.

It is not as popular as the American one because it is less advantageous for the user, but if you like blackjack you should try it even in demo mode.

Pros and cons

  • Pros
  • Surrender, multi-hand and split options
  • Insurance bets if the dealer has an Ace
  • Cons
  • Not all casinos offer it
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