Video poker

One of the reasons video poker is so popular in the best UK online casinos is because it is a relatively easy game to master, especially if you have played regular poker in the past. The object of the game is simply to get the best poker hand possible by keeping or eliminating some (or all) of the cards that have been dealt to you on the screen.

Define the number of chips you wish to stake and click on ‘Deal’ – or on ‘Play Maximum Bet’ if you feel like taking a risk. This done, the computer (or physical machine) will deal you 5 cards, like in 5 card Draw poker. Then comes the moment to make a decision with serious consequences: which cards do you want to keep and which cards do you want to eliminate? Use the buttons provided for this purpose to keep or eliminate the cards you have selected. Once you have made your decision, click on ‘Deal’ (or ‘Deal’) again to replace the cards you want to get rid of. Your final will determine your win according to the combination obtained.


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Winning hands in Video Poker

The strength of your hand depends on the variant of video poker you are playing. However, payouts in video poker are generally modelled on the ranking of traditional poker hands. Here is a small descriptive table to jog your memory:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Square
  • Full
  • Colour
  • After
  • Three of a kind
  • Double pair
  • Pair

In most variations of video poker, you will need a pair of tens or a pair of jacks (at a minimum) to have any chance of winning. Pairs are the least profitable combinations. Some variations of video poker include wild cards (‘jokers’) which will potentially allow you to create ‘unconventional’ hands (5 identical cards, for example). Payouts can also differ as to how a particular hand is made: a royal flush with one or more ‘wild’ card (s) or a natural royal flush, for example. More than ever, we advise you carefully analyze the paytable before starting a game of video poker and avoid gambling myths.

Progressive jackpots in video poker

Maybe one day you will want to play a video poker game with a progressive jackpot? This type of machine will potentially allow you to win a miracle amount of money if you manage to get a royal flush (or some other extremely powerful winning combination). Each machine connected to a progressive jackpot will collect a portion of your stake to feed an ever-expanding prize pool. the amount can sometimes reach several million euros! Obviously, it is really not easy to get a natural royal flush: some players can play it all their life and never get it. However, if you succeed in this feat, it will change your life at all!

The variants of video poker

The most common video poker game is ‘ Jacks or Better ‘, but there are many other variations of these top online casino games. That said, they tend to offer less favourable payouts than those offered by Jacks or Better. Among the other most famous variants, we can also mention the ‘ Deuces Wild ‘ or the ‘ Joker Poker’. In these two variants, a 2 or a Joker will act as substitute cards in order to form the most powerful winning combination possible: the computer will itself take care of defining which hand is most to your advantage. Although the winning combinations are de facto easier to put together, the paytable will be adjusted accordingly. Also, you may need to get a much more powerful hand to get the same payout you would have made with a hand lower than Jacks or Better! Click on to be redirected to a site with incredible games recomendations.

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